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Poker Fans Keep Agile with Bingo Action

Online poker fans are used to utilising tools on their favourite sites to aid their strategy development and bring on their game, though recent research into strategy aids and trends in online gaming suggest that there is as much for poker players to be gleaned from other games as there is from practising their own. In this light, reports from online bingo providers that hosts of poker fans are joining their ranks of daily new players come as little surprise.

Of course there are similarities between online poker and online bingo, not least that they are both played online! Gamers who are already poker-proficient will not find the switch jarring. The registration process and sign-up bonuses are an initiation to which all online poker players will be well accustomed, while the instants and side games found on bingo sites, particularly hugely popular new slot-based titles like Bejeweled Progressive Slots, are akin to those many pokers will have encountered on their own regular poker sites.

Another similarity between the two formats is the social benefits offered by each. Healthy banter has always been a part of any poker game, while the toing and froing of in-game communication witnessed during every game and competition forms a major part of bingo's enduring popularity. Just as new players can learn much form the betting patterns of their opponents around a Hold 'em table, players are happy to share tips to help progress those new to free bingo.

Furthermore the strategic and developmental benefits garnered from playing bingo is hardly new to the ears of those already immersed in the game. As early as the turn of the century scientists were undertaking studies to determine the long-term effects of online gaming. To the surprise of many – though not to those who already played the game regularly – the findings were largely positive. The cognitive development of bingo players outstretched those who did not take part, a discovery that was widely reported, not only in the promotional material of bingo providers but also amongst the mainstream media.

As the years have gone on and the games have progressed, be they poker, blackjack, bingo or bridge, the numbers of people who traditionally considered themselves as non-gamers have fallen proportionately to the increase in new players. The correlation is irrefutable: decision making, memory, reflexes and mental agility are all improved by regular gaming. In such a climate, the only surprise left is not that more and more people are playing games online, but rather that there are still those who do not.