Online Action Poker

Nut Peddling

There is a very sound strategy that will have you beating the weaker games of poker with ease. It’s known as nut peddling, because you are pushing your edges when you get the best hand, known as the nuts. Bear this strategy in mind when playing through your online poker bonus.

Other names used to describe a nut peddler involved rock or a nit. The strength of the nut peddler stems from their pre flop starting hand range. They understand the concept of position. That there opening range needs to be tight in early position, before fanning out towards the button. The nut peddler isn’t too concerned about player types and techniques. They concentrate mainly on their own hand strength.

By focusing on hand strength, by position, the nut peddler is giving himself or herself a higher potential to find dominating post flop positions. A dominating position is when you have a similar hand to your opponent but your kicker is better. A great example would be opening ace-king in early position and finding a caller with ace-jack. If the board comes down ace high then you have your opponent in a dominated position.

The nut peddler doesn’t bluff, and doesn’t care if their opponents know this or not. This is because, in the weaker games, they are earning a high ROI just by playing their strong hands well. They can afford to be one dimensional, and exploitive, because their opponents aren’t good enough to compensate.

The nut peddler can make some decent money in weaker games, but will struggle in the better games. This is because talented players will understand the way they play, and will fold accordingly, and steal a high percentage of the time a nut peddler doesn’t find their nuts.