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Is Bingo the new Poker?

Historically, poker has always been a game of daring prestige. The image of poker players glaring at each other across the felt, weighing up their chances in a dimly lit saloon is one that Hollywood has sold to us as the quintessential picture of a poker game. Yet in the 21st century world poker players are far more likely to face each other across cyber space than face-to-face. The same is true of bingo, where the online game has far outstripped the once ubiquitous bingo halls. Yet, as the popularity of bingo goes from strength to strength, it is not impertinent to suggest that it is at least as popular as its American cousin, and could potentially overtake it as the number one most played game online in the near future.

The popularity of online bingo has rocketed since its inception at the turn of the century, as has that of online poker, to the degree that, when prompted, any search engine will provide pages upon pages of review and directory sites, such as Bingo Social, all offering guidance as to which site to choose. In fact, so numerous are the bingo providers themselves, that competition can only be described as fierce.

This strong rivalry has led to the advent of the free game of bingo. For smaller prizes – which can usually be anywhere between £1 and £15 – players can play the game for free, enjoying the excitement of the game with zero expenditure. Most usually, of course, the players then go on to deposit funds in an account, perhaps when they have discovered their favourite game, provider or combination of both.

However, this fierce rivalry does not filter through to the players. The bingo community is an inclusive one, itself a throwback to its roots as a game played in small communities that would see people come together over a common cause and unite in the name of fun – perhaps why Hollywood has not returned to the game as a consistent minefield for its dramas! Yet it is in this vein that bingo providers have sought to create interactivity in their sites – through chat functions and forums, often with separate games and prizes to keep the area buzzing – to make their online bingo sites a hub of sociability.

Of course, poker has always had its fare share of banter, but largely in the capacity of the psyche-out. A community game in name alone, the stakes are always much higher when playing directly against other players. As bingo players are only in competition with each other against the house, they are far more inclined to congratulate winners in good-natured gaming spirit. Not only is bingo the future, it is Utopia.